Can you create great sites with Wix?

Can You Create Great Sites With Wix? Blog cover photo with iMac displaying beautiful website.g
Can You Create Great Sites With Wix?

This is a question I have been hearing frequently from clients when they first learn that I use Wix as my website builder. This question comes from a preconceived notion that most people have about Wix that it is only used for templates and simple websites. Well... I'm here to dispel this myth.

Wix is capable of creating beautiful designs and with the inclusion of their new development platform, Velo, you no longer have to compromise functionality. Let's discuss it in more detail.


The first step in creating a website is selecting the right editor for your needs. Wix now offers two separate editing experiences, the Classic Editor and Editor X. Each platform has their own advantages and disadvantages. The classic editor is good for getting a quick design done but, also allows for adding custom code to get the exact functions you need out of your site. Editor X requires a little more TLC but, offers extensive design options to make your site look amazing on any device.


The next step is using the site builder to build your content and you can do this from scratch or import existing pages, posts, media items and more into your website with just a few clicks of your mouse! Editor X has a robust wordpress integration that not only imports all WordPress blog posts in seconds but also uses any custom template for them too so they look great on mobile devices as well.

You're no longer limited when it comes to publishing because editor will allow you to use their newest feature: Power Browser which gives you complete control over how things are displayed visually within the editor.


Velo is Wix's newest development platform that allows for full-featured website creation from start to finish - without any coding or programming required! Velo offers a number of different templates and you can either customize them with their drag and drop editor, use one of the many pre-made layouts they offer as well as add in your own custom elements like Google Maps, video backgrounds, sliders and more.

There are also extensive features such as ecommerce integration so customers can buy products directly on your site with just a few clicks of their mouse; advanced functionality options such as live chat where visitors can instantly connect to customer service reps through the chat box at any time; unlimited hosting space because of cloud based hosting; Free domain name which is available to anyone who signs up for Wix at no additional cost; and much more!


Wix has a robust development function that allows you to add custom java script functions in their code editor. This means you can add any functionality you want!

Want the website to be responsive and mobile-friendly? No problem, just copy and paste some of Wix's free scripts into your site builder with just a few clicks of your mouse. Need social media integration on every page or section of the site? Easy as pie thanks to Wix's powerful JS library which integrates all major networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc for an enhanced user experience so visitors will never have issues finding information they're looking for while browsing through your content.


Here at Nova Pro Media, we are Wix Partners, Velo Certified, Editor X Certified. We have a number of designers and developers that have years of experience creating Wix sites ranging from basic landing pages to complex browser based apps.

If you're curious about what your website could look like on Wix, head on over to our Web Development page and either request a quote or book a call if you'd prefer to talk it out.

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